Basic introduction

Sunthone School is inaugurated in August 2016. The president Mr. Zhou is a senior business consultant and adviser with rich experience in career training and business consultancy. Each of Sunthone employees joins in the school and has classes on Saturdays. The classes include various and rich contents with company culture learning, career planning, working skills training and knowledge sharing. Each of Sunthone employees truly believe that learning is an essential part of working through the whole life time, to catch up the fast developing world and explosive growing knowledge.

Vision:Be a One-Hundred-Year Everlasting Company.

The highest level of company management is a management through culture. There are many positive or negative factors influencing the performance of a company, but the company culture is the fundamental element to determine those positive or negative factors. So a suitable culture is the key to build a one-hundred-year everlasting company.

Mission: Create value for human being’s progress, provide platform for employee’s improvement.

All things what we do are aimed at promoting the social progress, and help to push forward the human being’s civilization. And we pursue the realization of personal ideals in the process of promoting the social progress and building an everlasting company.

Core values: Do,do it immediately.

1.Respond quickly, carry out the plans, orders or instructions promptly without any procrastination.

2.Interpret the plans, orders or instructions correctly and fully without any mistakes or misunderstandings.

3.Things worthy to do is worthy to do best, and do the best at your first time.

Fast,catch up with the team.

1.Catch up the boss’ and team’s step both on thinking and action.

2.Keep in line with the team, donot fall off or fall behind.

3.Boss has final words, the words from boss are words of the team.

Even in prosperous time, be prepared for the adversity. Be prepared for the worst so can hope for the best. Keep the powder dry.

1.Leading is a current status, and safety is only a comparative situation. There is no absolute leading or safe.

2.It is very dangerous even in peaceful time if we donot think about the future development.

3.There is no such chance that can put things all right once and all time at any time.

4.Think three steps forward when you decide to move one step. Think carefully before you leap.

5.Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Overcome hard times together sharing business prosperities together.

1.Take your job as your own business with owner’s attitude.

2.Always keep in mind that we are running our own business, either to win or to die.

3.The company is not only belonging to boss, but belongs to me and each member of the whole team.

Code of conduct

Result oriented, no excuse.

Merit oriented, no toil.

Honest oriented, no preference.

Standard oriented, no obscure.

Guidance oriented, no brutal.

Innovation oriented, no conservation.

Win-win oriented, no dictator.


1.Training room equipment precautions for use

All participants come to training room on time, roll call and sign in on time.

To care for the training room common equipment

To keep the training room clean Glass doors, furniture,signage and other public property must pull the light and light move

2.Students classroom discipline

Don’t randomly walk, loud, frolicking, whispering, whispering private Language

All of trainees should be the mobile phone to vibrate or mute before the start in the classroom

All of trainees are not allowed to leave the classroom in the calss

3.Leave regulations

Unable to participate in the organization of personnel training, you should be submitted for at least one day in advance

The same day of the leave of absence for trainees shall not be approved in principle.

4.Rewards and punishments regulations

Giving excellent points to outstanding groups or individuals before class activities;

Active participation in the classroom interaction, outstanding performance to give extra points;

Intentionally disturbing the class order in the course of training each time one points deducted.

5.At the end of the training

At the end of the training, we will select outstanding students according to the trainees’ performance, achievement and so on. Selection results, papers, notes, attendance list and other materials will be recorded into the personal documents.

6.Other Provisions

Violation of the above management regulations in accordance with the circumstances severely punished to 10--100 yuan.

Unfinished matters, implement will according to the company rules or the relevant provisions of the day of the notice and so on.

Please arrive on time in the classroom, name sign, for those who are absent without punishment