lntroduction to product plan

P r o d u c t   o v e r v i e w

Product overview and functional description

Product assemble by three small PCB -SZH-heater2_V1.1.1_A 、SZH-heater2_V1.1.1_B 、SZH-heater_MODEL_C.Products have a touch screen touch settings, intelligent, six-mode (manual, antifreeze, economy, comfort, schedule, wire) infrared human body sensor, automatic control function. Components are compact and easy to install.

P r o d u c t   F e a t u r e s

Use life, reliability, certification and other products unique advantages, and the use of the main modules, IC, etc.

Product design input voltage AC85V-AC265V, the maximum use of power 2000W, the maximum current of 10A. Circuit design can through the CCC, CE, UL, NF certification.

P r o d u c t   a p p l i c a t i o n    r a n g e

Product overview and functional description

This product is widely application;can be applied to power within 2000W temperature control equipment,very suitable applied to home heating, thermal products, cabinets products, electric drying equipment.

Product structure drawing

Sample Pictures