SMT dust-free workshop

It is a common sense that dust free is an important feature of SMT workshop.Except this, there are other requirements to ensure good quality of SMT process.Below are some basic requirements of SMT workshop.

1.Workshop bearing capacity, vibration, noise requirements:
Factory ground bearing capacity should be greater than 8 kn/m2.
Vibration should be controlled in less than 70 db, the maximum value of no more than 80db.
The noise should be controlled within 70 dba.

2. Power supply:
General requirements of single-phase AC220 (220 + / – 10%, 0/60 hz), three-phase AC
380 (380 + / – 10%, 50/60 hz), more than double the power consumption of power supply of power than.

3. Air:
According to the requirement of the equipment configuration of air pressure, can use plant air, and also be configured individually oil-free compressed air machine, general pressure is greater than 7 kg/cm2.
For clean, dry cleaning the air, so the need for compressed air to oil, dust and water treatment. Made from stainless steel or pressure plastic air duct.

4. Exhaust:
Reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment need exhaust fan. For hot blast stove, exhaust pipe of the minimum flow rate value is 500 cubic feet per minute (14.15 m3 / min).

5. Lighting:
In the ideal of the plant Illumination is 800 ~ 1200 lux, at least not less than 300 lux, when low intensity of illumination, in the inspection, repair, measurement work areas should install local lighting.

6.The work environment:
Factory to keep clean, no dust, no corrosivegas.Production workshop should have cleanliness control, control the cleanliness: the class of 500000.
Production workshop environment temperature to 23 + / – 3 ℃ is the best, average of 17 ~ 28℃,relative humidity is 45% ~ 45% RH.

7.ESD protection:

Some components are electrostatic sensitive, so they must be well protected from electrostatic. There are some methods to reduce the electrostatic, like connecting the equipment to ground or other conductor substances by wires, and building anti-static material on the floor.

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