PCB Clone

As a part of our one-stop service for quickturn around your projects, Sunthone offers PCB clone and PCB reverse engineering. PCB copy means cloning the circuit board, producing samples, replacing components, making BOM list, derived schematic.
We have the international advanced scanning equipment, a professional senior PCB copy engineer team. So we are in a position to master the structure and mode of circuit board, and clone the circuit board which is 100% same as original sample. At the same time, we also can make a little change of circuit board according to customer’s demand to meet customer requirements.


What we need from customer before pcb clone:
circuit board clone: 1 piece of PCB sample
assembled PCB clone: 2 pieces PCBA sample in case of Chip-Decoding


Our PCB Cloning Process


PCB Cloning Process Description Remarks


Evaluate whether it can be cloned according to the information provided by the customer (physical pictures and requirements). 1. Provide IC model
2. Provide pictures of the board need to be copyed
Customer need to provide at least 2pcs sample board. 1. 1pcs for destructive copy
2. 1pcs is used for copy accuracy comparison after copying
Our engineers will evaluate the samples based on the samples provided by the customer and estimate the cost of decryption.  
Customer arranges payment after accepting the copying fee.  
IC decryption, make PCB file, make BOM list,make schematic diagram, purchase components.  
We then fully test the circuit according to the customers specification to ensure that the reverse engineered PCB is the same as the original . Performance test, functional test, drop test, prototype test, EMC test and so no.
The original and new clopy pcb will be both delivered back to you for confirmation. we keep all of the designs in case you want to order more in the future
After customer receives the sample confirmation, if required for more order, we will quote the complete PCBA price to the customer based on the PCB file and BOM list.  

Your Email will be Replied within 8 Hours.