PCB Design

Sunthone provides PCB design service, including schematic design, program development, PCB design and full turnkey product design. Sunthone supports your project a turnkey solution from schematic design through PCB design to prototype and production. We design the electronic circuits according to custom specifications, at affordable costs with highest possible quality and reliability. With a team of professional engineers. It has successful experience in developing home automation products, remote control systems and consumer electronics.

Development Process



PCBA Development Process Description Remarks
process 1. customer provides product function development requirements, samples, pictures, device specifications and other documents;
2. the engineer initially analyzes the product requirements based on the documents and finally completes the demand confirmation by sending EQ to customers for the uncertainties.
understanding of deveploment requirements


Sending quotation to customer after confirming the functional requirements.


contract confirmation after customer accepting the quotation and pay the design fee. contract confirmation and payment
1. the hardware engineer designs the schematic diagram, PCB, and BOM according to the product requirements;
2. software engineers develops the program code.
schematic diagram, PCB, and BOM
PCBA prototype fabrication PCB and PCB assembly fabrication
Burning the program code and debugging it repeatedly to works well debugging
1. after the R&D department test okay, the engineering will test the function and reliability.
2. if finding a problem, the R&D department will modify the design.
function and reliability test
after test and modify correctly,will make the sample and send sample to customer for confirmation samples delivery
1.customer received the sample and test the product;
2.customer feedback about the sample and contact us if any questions or need modify.
customer's sample approval
1. after the customer sample test is correct and the function is confirmed, the sample approval form is submitted to the customer for confirmation;
2. all development documents and samples are sealed for sample retention.
samples sealing


Access control system

Access control system is popular in modern security and surveillance control system. It integrates automatic identification and intelligent control technologies, involving the applications of electronics, mechanism, optics, computer, telecommunications, and even biotechnology. It is an effective method of security and surveillance access control of entrance or exit for important places. It is widely used in various important public and private places, like banks, hotels, computer rooms, military base, airports, railway stations, offices, factories and communities.

Main features:

It supports thousands of user IDs, and authorizes different rights, levels, validity and time for different IDs.

It supports a single or combination of multiple identification methods, including fingerprint, ID card, ID and code, ID card and code, remote control, mobile APP control, and so on.
It supports multiple networks like RS485, TCP/IP, or WIFI.
It supports different time authorization for different user IDs, like different time access on work days and weekends, different time access on each day, different identifications on different dates.
It supports different electronic locks, like normal open lock, normal close lock, pulse lock, and so on.
It supports detailed data records, including time, ID, authorization, and so on.



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Lithium battery protection board

Main features:

It integrates multi-functions of overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, and short circuit protection, and suitable for various 3.7V lithium batteries with different capacities and different sizes. It has very small size and multi-functions, and so it is suited for highly integrated and low cost lithium batteries.


Major specifications:

  • Overcharge detection voltage: 4.25+/-0.05V
  • Overcharge release voltage: 4.23+/-0.05V
  • Over-discharge detection voltage: 2.54+/-0.1V
  • Over-current detection current: 1-3A according to requirements

Electric instant water heating module

The electric instant water heating module is more and more widely used in smart electronic bidet, in order to replace the traditional water heating system in electronic bidet. The traditional water heating system has a large water tank to store up hot water. It is easy to breed bacteria in the water tank, wastes energy to heat a large volume water, and not able to keep constant temperature.


Main Features Of Instant Water Heating Module


Instant hot water. The water can be heated to 40℃ within 4 seconds by instant water heating module. It helps to output hot water quickly and conveniently. On the other hand, the traditional water heating system takes long time to heat the water, and may output cold water in the second time due to lack of time to heat the water sufficiently. But this instant water heating module avoids such problem.


Energy saving. It heats water instantly, so it saves energy on pre-heating and heating extra volume water. This instant water heats the accurate volume water according to requirement.


Long life and no scale. The water temperature is generally less than 42℃, which is less than the temperature to form water scale. Usually it forms water scale when temperature reaches 80℃. There is no scale so that the heating module is working at good condition. Moreover, the heating module works at medium temperature, so it reduces the damage or broken possibilities. Usually the life time of such instant heating module is 2 to 3 times as long as the traditional water heating system.


Constant water temperature. The instant water heating module heats water quickly and instantly, and it is easy to control the output water temperature with tolerance of +/-0.5℃. It outputs water with constant temperature and flow, which is quite convenient and comfortable. On the other hand, the traditional water heating system is difficult to control water temperature. It may output hot water at the beginning, but the water temperature may becoming lower and lower, or sometime output too hot water and sometimes with cold water.


Small size. The instant water heating module is much small than the traditional water system. It doesnot require a tank to store up water any more. It can be integrated inside the bidet and saves the space.


Wide range of water pressure. The instant water heating module can be used in a wide range of water pressure, from low to high water pressure.

Smart Bracelet

Monitoring function: heart rate detection, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, calories calculate, walking steps, exercise mileage.
Reminder function: SMS reminder, QQ reminder, WeChat reminder, call reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm reminder.
Other functions: find bracelet, disconnect reminder, remote control photo, raise hand bright screen, IP67 waterproof, touch screen unlock.

Smart Toilet

Main features:

Health - Washing (female cleaning, buttocks cleaning, child mode, wall-burning function, one-button cleaning, self-cleaning of the nozzle, reciprocating massage)
Comfort - Enjoy (seat induction, seat heating, warm air drying, mobile drying, air temperature adjustment, water potential adjustment, water temperature adjustment, water pressure adjustment, silent slow down, night light illumination)
Smart - Technology (automatic flip, foot flip, urinal flush, foot flush, power failure, automatic flushing, power-off memory, smart remote control, HD display)
Safety - Environmental protection (leakage protection, energy saving, IPX4 waterproofing, double filtration, automatic deodorization, smart glaze, safe voltage)

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