10 Layers Multilayer PCB Immersion Gold

Basic Information:
Layer: 10L
Base Material: FR4
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Copper weight: 2Oz
Surface finish: Immersion Gold
Application: Automobile
Certificate: UL, ISO9001, TS16949, RoHS


Product Description

Product Description of 10 Layers Multilayer PCB Immersion Gold
We Produce Multilayer PCB ( 2~20 Layers ), Metal base PCB, Hi-Tg PCB, heavy copper foil PCB, High frequency PCB, etc.
Multilayer PCBs greatly increase the area available for the wiring with one or more conductor pattern inside the board. This is achieved by gluing (laminating) several double-sided boards together with insulating layers in between. The number of layers is referred to as the number of separate conductor patterns. It is usually even and includes the two outer layers.

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