6L Flex Rigid PCB Board ENIG F

Basic Information:
Layer: 6L
Dielectric: FR-4
Material: Fiberglass Epoxy Resin + Polyimide Resin
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Copper weight: 1Oz
Surface finish: Immersion Gold
Application: Security System
Certificate: UL, ISO9001, RoHS


Product Description

Product Description of 6L Flex Rigid PCB Board ENIG F
Rigid-Flex  PCB's are thermal management circuit boards which use a Flexible material as the heat radiator part of the PCB. They are used in high heat generating application like LED lighting in the area of high power LED lighting, Automotive Interior, Exterior Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting, LED spot light etc. The metal core can be aluminum (aluminum core PCB) and copper (copper core PCB).

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