8L Gold Finger PCB Board

Basic Information:
Layer: 8L
Base Material: FR4
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Copper weight: 2Oz
Surface finish: Gold Finger
Application: Telecommunication
Certificate: UL, ISO9001, RoHS


Product Description

Product Description of 8L Gold Finger PCB Board
Gold Finger PCB refers to those PCBs with finger-like pads applying plated gold surface finish, and they are usually used as edge-connectors.
Electroless gold gives excellent solderability, but the chemical deposition process means that it is too soft and too thin to withstand repeated abrasion. Electroplated gold is thicker and harder making it ideal for edge-connector contacts for PCBs which will be repeatedly plugged in and removed.
Gold Finger PCBs normally have to bevel the edge connectors to ensure easy insertion. Bevelling can be specified in the order details if there are any special instructions.

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