Sunthone focuses on electronic manufacturing services, including PCB Manufacturing,PCB Assembly,Components Souring,Design and Clone etc.


Sunthone is a turnkey PCB and PCBA solutions provider from design to manufacture for your electronic projects.


Sunthone manufactures FR-4 PCB, high TG FR-4 PCB, heavy copper PCB, impedance control PCB, high frequency PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, aluminum PCB, copper based PCB, ceramic based PCB, ultra-thin PCB and more. Established in 2006, Sunthone factory gets ISO and UL certificates, offers small to large volume PCB production. The UL certificate covers maximum 6oz heavy copper PCBs. Those PCB products are widely used in variety electronic industries, including industrial control, medical device, power supply, electronic bidet, home automation, telecommunications, and so on.

PCB Assembly

Meanwhile, Sunthone purchases components and manufacture PCB assembly. Sunthone has experienced supply chain management team to purchase firsthand components according to BOM from original manufacturers or authorized agents and distributors. Moreover, we have an experienced Supplier Quality Engineering(SQE) team to manage suppliers to improve materials quality under competitive cost. All the parts are well identified by unique codes and well stored in warehouses with ESD, humidity and temperature controller. The assembly workshop includes complete SMT, DIP, and manual assembly lines to finish a whole project.

Flexible service

Flexible order quantity and services include PCB design, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly.

Competitive price

SQE team manage suppliers to make the materials price more competitive than others.

Simplify your job

Manage all the processes of your project from production and quality control based on your requirements.

Focus on your strength

Providing firmware & software service with highly experienced technical team & the proven processes.

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