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Sunthone is a one stop PCB & PCBA supplier. It offers turn key solutions for PCB and PCBA projects from design, clone, PCB manufacture, components sourcing, to PCB assembly.

Sunthone has ISO 9001 and UL certificates. The UL certificates covers maximum 6oz heavy copper for both single-double sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs. There are only few PCB factories in mainland China who has such UL certificate for 6oz heavy copper PCBs. The heavy copper PCBs are widely used in industrial control and power supply industries.

Sunthone builds all round supply chain management system and ERP system. With years’ cooperation experience, Sunthone develops a strong partnership with all suppliers, which not only helps to source all the required components but also help to ensure the good quality and lead time of all components. The ERP system helps to manage thousands of parts to be well supplied, well stored and well delivered.

Sunthone purchases components and manages assembly processes of PCBA projects. The assembly workshop is built according to medical industry standard, including SMT, DIP and manual assembly. The SMT assembly lines are consisted of highly automatic equipments, like automatic paste printer, SMT machines, and 10 temperature zones reflow oven. All the assembly workers have rich experience in electronic manufacturing.
Sunthone has successful experience on PCBA design and clone. Sunthone turns your concept or idea into PCBA products according to your requirements. Clone is producing new PCBA products according to your PCBA samples. Sunthone has successful design or clone experience on electronic bidet control system, smart heater control system, access control system, call center headset, coffee machine control system, and so on.
Sutnhone PCB and PCBA products are widely applied in many industries, such as Industrial Control, Home Automation, Security System, LED & Lightning, Medical Industry, Power Supply, Computers and Communications. The products have received favorable compliments from customers in markets of domestic China, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


MIC Audited Supplier

UL Certificate


HI-TECH Enterprise Certificate

Company Culture


Be a One-Hundred-Year Everlasting Company.

Electronic industry is an important part of human society since the innovation of electricity, and will last for a long time according to current development trend. Sunthone takes its role to offer PCB and PCBA for electronic industry, and will be greater and greater with the development of electronic industry.


Provide turnkey PCBA solutions for electronic industry.
To be the best EMS partner of electronic customers
Sunthone provides turnkey service of PCB and PCBA projects from design to production, and aims to be the best EMS partner of electronic customers, with constant quality products and best service.

Core values

Do, do it immediately.
Fast, catch up the team’s step.
Even in prosperous time, be prepared for the adversity. Be prepared for the worst so can hope for the best. Keep the powder dry.
Overcome hard times together, share business prosperities together.

Social Responsibility

Sunthone works mainly on five aspects of social responsibilities, under the guidance of the mission “Make contribution for human being’s progress, provide platform for employee’s improvement”.


In accordance to the vision “Be a One-Hundred-Year Everlasting Company”, Sunthone strives for the sustainable long term development, so that it can protect the benefit of employees, suppliers and customers.


Sunthone takes effective actions like improving production efficiency and adopting new technologies to save resources and reduce wastes, in order to meet the environmental friendly development.


Sunthone protects employees’ benefit according to related national laws and local regulations, provides a platform for employees to improve themselves and realize their personal ideal.


Sunthone provides quality products to customers, to reduce the waste caused by defect products and protect the benefit of customers.


Sunthone plays its role in society and make contributions to society according to its abilities, like encouraging employees to work as volunteers, support the community services and charity campaigns.

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